People, before the company

I believe in a humanistic enterprise: an enterprise that responds in the noblest form to all the rules of ethics that man has defined over the centuries. I dream of a form of contemporary humanistic capitalism with strong ancient roots, where profit is achieved without harm or offense to anyone, and part of it is used for every initiative capable of concretely improving the condition of human life: services, schools, places of worship and recovery of cultural heritage. In my organization, the reference point is the common good, as a guiding tool for the pursuit of prudent and courageous actions.
In my business, I put man at the center of any production process, because I am convinced that human dignity is only restored to us through the rediscovery of conscience. On the way every day I listen to the words of the greats of the past, from Socrates to Seneca to Kant, from Marcus Aurelius, to Alexander the Great to San Benedetto.
I believe in the quality and beauty of the handmade product; I think there can be no quality without humanity.

​(Brunello Cucinelli)